About the Serpents

the sssnek nest

Is that a human? No, it’s a Snek. Oh it’s a Snake! No... It’s a “Snek!” Ok.. So what’s a “Snek?” A Snek is a Snake. But.... You just said... Okay, a Snek is a Snake but a Snek isn’t a Snake because it’s a Snek. Make sense? .....No.

  • The Serpent Project is a nest, a nest for the driven animal and planet lovers... The fun... The Crazy.. The Sneks!
  • The Serpent Project is an NFT collection minted on Hedera! Building the greenest project on the greenest technology. Our next release will be our Gen 2: Phase 2 date TBA!
  • The Serpent Project is an act against deforestation, a brand for the stylish and the aware, a movement for the very planet we live on with our Snek friends!
Why the Serpents

buy with a purpose

We don’t just have some of the coolest designed NFTs in the Hedera Community, we also have a foundation to build one of the best Conservation and Reforestation projects to date. With real world utility and real world solutions. We are building much more than your average NFT Project.

Even if you haven’t developed a burning love for our cold blooded friends yet, which you will soon... Planting trees helps with every living creature and micro-organism on this planet!
5% Royalties attached to each NFT and will be donated to Save the Snakes!
We plant 5 Trees Per NFT initial sale for all generations of NFT releases!

Creating The Serpent Project on Hedera was an easy decision. It aligns perfectly with our mission considering it is Carbon Negative. Hedera is found to be the greenest proof of stake network. Hedera Token Service is lightning fast, with gas fees almost non-existent, secure, and sustainable! What better place to create the Greenest Project?


Start of project, artwork, pricing, partnerships, and community.

Q4 2021
  • Launch of Gen 1 Vipers & Serpents
  • First Donation to (The Carbon Offset Company)
Q1 2022
  • Gen 2 in Development
  • Smart Contract Integration
S1 2022
  • Launch of Gen 2 Serpents on HashTools
  • First DAO Votes & Giveaways
  • First Custom PFPs Developed
Q2 2022
  • Website // White Paper //Project Redesigned
  • Gen 2 Phase 2 Story Voted on by DAO
  • Farming & Breeding
Q3 2022
  • Gen 2 Phase 1 (SOLDOUT)
  • $SNEK Token Created with 400,000,000 Supply
  • Phase 2 Art Established
S2 2022
  • Gen 2 Phase 2 Launched
  • Farming & Breeding System Integrated
  • $SNEK Scales Tokenomics Established
  • P2E Game Design
Q4 2022

The sssstory so far

The Serpent Project started with a group of friends sitting around a campfire, listing all the different Sneks they could name off the top of their heads. Conversation about NFTs and HBAR mixed. The Serpent had an idea... An idea that could potentially make a global impact!

The Serpent decided it was up to them to make a change. A way for all Sneks worldwide to plant trees and save other Sneks! In the middle of this epic speech, The Serpent received a call from an “Unkown” number. A little frustrated of the interruption and a little curious... He picked up the phone.a

Instructed by a mysterious voice to “Do meet at this location if you are serious about the conversation you are having with your team. Once you do, start working hard and don’t stop.”

Curiosity got the best of the team, and they found themselves at a hidden lab with a big “The Serpent Project” sign on the front of it. Startled by some sort of ‘scanning lazer’ above the large metal door at the entrance. The doors proceeded to open, seemingly the scanner was scanning each one of the team members and allowing them in!

The team began working hard on The Serpent Project, day and night. Their latest task was designing an effective Snek splicing machine. The Serpent monitoring the process making sure all ends were met, noticed there was a short in the machine. The Serpent let the team know to turn off the machine so he could inspect it. Entering, one of the team members bumped the machine closing The Serpent in there and activating the machine!

When The Serpent stepped out of the “Splicing Machine,” the team knew things would never be the same again. The team quickly rushed into the machine after, splicing themselves into a Snek!

meet our team

The Serpent

Project Creator

The Python

Project Manager

The Cobra

Lead Artist

The Viper

Project Manager

The Basilisk

Project Manager


Short for “Non-Fungible Token,” an NFT is a financial security consisting of digital data stored on a blockchain, a form of distributed ledger. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

The Serpent Project is an NFT collection of "Sneks" aka Snakes on Hedera Hashgraph. Sanke Conservation and carbon offset is the focus of our project. We have two Generations currently and just sold out of Gen 2 Phase 1! We will conclude Gen 2 with a DAO vote.

The Long Term vision for this project is simple. To thrive, build, and help our Snek friends rehabilitate their (and our) environment!

The Creator of this project "The Serpent" is an avid reptile lover. Since he was a kid he found interest in the "creepy crawlers," being that not many people dare would touch them. Not only that, he felt they were just cool! Reptiles and the creepy crawlers of the world are all looked at in a negative light. With this project we can help bring attention to a necessary creature in our environment, the worlds BEST pest control. The Sneks!

There are some great options currently on Hedera! Our favorite HBAR Wallet is HashPack and Zuse Market for Secondary Sales!